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Although I have long considered my efforts to be of a non-profit nature, I am not engaged in what could be considered a non-profit organization from a legal standpoint. I strive to make the world a little more LGBTQ-friendly in my own small way(s).

Read about important U.S. Supreme Court decisions, including one of the most recent:

Chiafalo v. Washington: regarding 'faithlwess electors' stemming from the 2016 presidential election,
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Environment and Energy

Welcome to my page illustrating the many aspects of our collective Global Warming problem and what I hope to be helpful information regarding alternative energy and carbon-footprint reducing ideas. We Humans have invented our own new geologic epoch called the Anthropocene. The Himalayan glaciers are melting. The Ocean's waters are rising. And the acidity of the water is increasing. There is a mass extinction occurring now referred to as "The Great Die-Off." The delicate balance which moderated the weather of our planet is breaking down. - James Legare 10-01-2019

Michael Moore's New Film:

*** 05-02-2020 *** Youtube-link SJWs Meltdown Over New Michael Moore Film - Daisy Cousens

James Howard Kunstler

James Howard Kunstler - Living in the Long Emergency: Global Crisis, the Failure of the Futurists, and the Early Adapters Who are Showing Us the Way Forward Youtube-link


"Together we can implement change." "8 Billion Angels is shown in community screenings so that the topic of population is surrounded with meaningful dialogue that leads to personal introspection and powerful change."

Resilience: Insight and inspiration in turbulent times - David Korowicz: Author -> - link

- "[...] downside uncertainty and downside risk [...]"

*** 03-22-2020 *** Risk Analyst David Korowicz: "Real Life Is Always Much Different Than Anything We Can Plan For"-> youtube-link - Collapse Chronicles

*** 03-22-2020 *** Exploring Hydrocarbon Deplection David Korowicz:A Study of Global System Collapse -> - link

[...] the intertwined spheres of complexity [...] PeakOil.com

Forget Shorter Showers: the limits of simple living | Derrick Jensen youtube-link

Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio w/ Jeremy Lent - September 30, 2018 youtube-link

Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio w/ Roderick Campbell - October 14, 2018 youtube-link

Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio w/ David Casey - November 26, 2017 youtube-link

Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio w/ James Howard Kunstler - September 3, 2017 - youtube-link

David Casey explains why renewables will not save industrial civilization.

"We are out of all the cheap and easy-to-extract oil." - David Casey


Dennis Meadows: The Limits To Growth - youtube-link

3 Limits to Growth After 45 Years - Dennis Meadows at Ulm University - youtube-link

*** 01-07-2020 *** Final Warning Limits to Growth youtube-link

How to Enjoy the End of the World youtube-link


*** 04-02-2020 *** -> Economist Branko Milanovic: "The World Could Be Witnessing a Fundamental Shift" -> youtube-link

*** 03-17-2020 *** George Mobus: "The Economic Shutdown Could Very Will Be the Portent of the Collapse of Civilization" -> youtube-link - Collapse Chronicles

*** 03-15-2020 *** Karen Shragg: "Nothing Is Sustainable, Not Anymore, Not With Billions of Us in the Hamster Wheel" -> youtube-link - Collapse Chronicles

movingupstream.com - Karen Shragg's website

*** 03-05-2020 *** Tim Watkins: "What Are We (Or They) Planning For?" -> youtube-link Collapse Chrinicles

*** 2-26-2020 *** Coronavirus Is a Perfect Snaphot Into What Mad Max Will Look Like - youtube-link

*** 02-22-2020 *** "A Dangerous Medley of Global Disasters": The New Yorker youtube-link

*** 02-16-2020 *** Ecologist Charles Hall: "I Am Very Happy Not to Have Kids. I Don't Miss 'Em, I Can Promise You That" youtube-link

*** 1-27-2020 *** Ecologist Charles Hall: "Almost Everything Labeled 'Green' Has No Chance" - youtube-link

*** 1-25-2020 *** NOAA Physicist: "When You Put Aerosols Up Into the Atmosphere, It Does A Lot of Things" - youtube-link

*** 01-19-2020 *** The Unknown Scientist Cuts the Crap on the Myth of Thorium and Cold Fusion youtube-link

*** 12-29-2019 **

Ecologist William Rees: "On Our Present Trajectory, We WILL Crash, And It Won't Be Pleasant" youtube-link

*** 12-24-2019 ***

"We're About to Make One of the Biggest Transformations Ever to the Surface of the Planet" youtube-link

*** 12-22-2019 ***

Gilbert Mercier: "Life On Earth Will Become Hell For Human Survivors" - youtube-link *** newsjunkiepost.com - The News Junkie Post

SId Smith: "Human Ecological Overshoot is the Defining Fact of Life on Earth" youtube-link - Exponential Growth & Carrying Capacity

Ecologist William Rees: "Global Societal Collapse Is a Growing Possibility" youtube-link

Don't Call Me a Pessimist on Climate Change. I Am a Realist: * POST CARBON INSTITUTE * -link

Environmental Historian Justin McBrien: "Most of the Time I Am Utterly Terrified About the Future" youtube-link

Michael Klare: "How Can We Defend the Nation Against The Mounting Threat of Climate Catastrophe?" youtube-link

The Coming Economic Collapse That Nobody Is Talking About - youtube-link

Sandra Schoelles : "There's Gonna Be a Mass Die-Off. The Green New Deal Is Not Gonna Cut It" youtube-link

Derrick Jensen: "Right Now, We Are Facing the End of the World" youtube-link

Chris Hedges : "The Removal of Trump From Office Would Not Threaten Corporate Power" youtube-link

Bill McKibben: "The Climate Crisis Is Making Large Swathes of the World Increasingly Off-Limits" youtube-link

Marc Doll: "Fact Is We Are Not Just F-----, We Are Dead" youtube-link also, the blog: -link to rosher.net article - The Environmental Ethics Rant, "But it is worse than that" - the author: Marc Doll.

"There is more energy stored in the arctic methane than there is in coal in the world." - "Even the commitments made by countries in the Paris accord don't get us to a 2 degree world." - Marc Doll

Esquire: "We Will Likely Tear Each Other Apart to Escape the Near-Term Consequences" youtube-link

Terry Spahr: "There's Just So Many of Us, We're Overwhelming Our Earth's Systems" youtube-link Philadelphia-based ecologist, environmental activist and documentary filmmaker click on the... - link

youtube-link Julian Cribb: "The Most Devastating Item On the Planet Is Not a Nuclear Bomb, It's Your Jawbone:

"The risk in the future is that if our food supplies become insecure, and they are becoming insecure, we will end up in exactly the same place, [as in world War II] fighting." - Julian Cribb

Humans Colonizing Other Planets and Other Apocaloptimistic Foolishness youtube-link

Tim Watkins: "We Are All Prisoners Of the Very System That Is Killing Us" youtube-link

The Consciousness of Sheep: The Storm is Coming - Will Your be Ready? - - link


"The ConsciousnessOfSheep.co.uk is a news and opinion site documenting the ongoing crisis in the economy, energy, environment and society. "

"Nations do not exist in economic isolation. Through international trade the world shares and competes for collective resources. Quite plausibly, the only reason the USA appears to consume less energy is that it has outsourced the more energy intensive aspects of its economy to countries like China. For the purpose of relating the economy to atmospheric CO2 concentrations, the only thing that matters is global scale emissions by civilization as a whole. CO2 emissions can be stabilized despite efficiency gains. But this is possible only if decarbonization occurs as quickly as energy consumption grows. At today's consumption growth rates, this would require roughly one new nuclear power plant, or equivalent in renewables, to be deployed each day since wealth and energy consumption rates are linked, it can only be through an economic collapse that CO2 emissions rates will decline. If the size of civilization enters a long and profound decline then wealth, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions will all decrease at roughly the same rate. Only if the collapse is sufficiently rapid will it be possible to maintain atmospheric CO2 concentrations below levels that are normally considered dangerous."

- Tim Garrett, Univerity of Utah. (link to source below)


Follow link to Citizen Action Monitor: Tim Garrett explains why civilization is caught in a double-bind, ending with its collapse this century.

Physicist Tim Garrett: "There Is No Way Out... Something Has to Give"


- jamesgdyke.info

Geophysicist James Dyke: "The Vast Majority of Humanity Is Gonna Die Unpleasantly and Prematurely"

- youtube-link

*** The concept of the technosphere is introduced. Also,

"[...] human civilization is changing the Earth systems."

James Howard Kunstler
- youtube-link


-by John Michael Greer, originally published by the Archdruid Report

January 20, 2011

"We'll most likely get hyperinflation in the US, granted, but my guess is that that will come further down the road."(emphasis added)

source link below


*** 2-01-2020 *** Scott Tinker: Can The World Energy Supply Become Fully Sustainable? youtube-link

*** 01-01-2020 ***

"Low Energy Use Per Capita = Low Quality of Life."

The False Promise of Green Energy (Prof. Andrew Morriss - Acton Institute) youtube-link

*** 01-01-2020 *** Sustainable Energy - without the hot air withouthotair.com

Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air with David MacKay youtube-link

*** 03-17-2020 *** Infinity Repo? Fed Panics Again & Commits to At Least $1 Trillion in Repo Madness Per Day -> youtube-link WallStforMainSt

*** 03-08-2020 *** Oil Prices Still Collapsing More: Saudi Arabia & Russia Go for the Knock Out On US Shale Oil? - > youtube-link - WallStForMainSt

*** 03-05-2020 *** A Crisis Within A Crisis -> youtube-link - Peak Prosperity

*** 03-01-2020 *** Coronavirus Bailout: China Makes Bad Loans Disappear -> youtube-link

*** 03-01-2020 *** More Oil Supply & Demand Red Flags: The Perfect Storm For The Oil Market's Vicious Cycle Is Here? -> youtube-link

Chinas Floods The Market With Fuel As Coronavirus Shatters Local Demand -link

*** 2-17-2020 *** Oil Demand Drops For The First Time In Over A Decade: Large Hedge Fund Predicts $25 Oil? youtube-link

"Global oil demand will drop this quarter for the first time in over a decade as the coronavirus batters China's economy, the International Energy Agency said. The new estimates show that oil markets face a significant surplus despite the latest production cuts by OPEC and its partners. Crude already sank to a one-year low below $50 a barrel last week and the impact of the epidemic will be felt throughout the year, the agency said. " - as quoted from the Youtube website

*** 2-16-2020 *** Countermeasures Being Put in Place to Keep US Stocks Going Higher At All Costs? youtube-link

*** 01-09-2020 *** David Collum: The Vicious Cycle Approaches - youtube-link

*** 01-05-2020 *** The Fed Is Desperate To Get Inflation Higher (And The Dollar Lower) ASAP w/ New Inflation Target? - youtube-link

*** 12-29-2019 ***

Did the Fed Subsidize The US Shale Oil Boom? - youtube-link

Farmaggedon Getting Worse? Disturbing Trends Happening to Food Companies, Farmers & Global Protein youtube-link

Trump & Pump Accomplished: DOW Hits Record 28K, S&P 500 Also At All Time High Over 3k youtube-link

youtube-link Oil Prices Give Back All of their Saudi-Oilfield-Attack Gains 10-05-2019 Wall Street for Main Street

Aramco Crude Production Restored to Pre-Attack Levels, Official Says - Tom Kirkman - link

More Signs That The US Shale Oil Boom is Fizzling Out & OIl Bear Market Getting Worse? youtube-link

Russia Preparing For $25/Barrel Oil in 2020 & Attacks Knock Out Over Half of Saudi Oil Output



Why is CALIFORNIA fiscally UNSUSTAINABLE? - VisualPolitik EN youtube-link

OilPrice.com - A valuable resource regarding the hydrocarbon economy

Frank Rotering: "Greta and Her Movement Are Clearly Being Used by 'The System,' There Is No Doubt"



Paul Beckwith

How a Limited Nuclear War (Pakistan v. India) Would Cause Global Food Shortages and Mass Starvation


Paul Beckwith

Climate Change Caused Power Grid Collapse and Disease Epidemics Could CRUSH U.S. Military Like a Bug


Unprecedented Behavior: Category 5 Dorian Gets Stuck on Grand Bahama Island

Paul Beckwith


A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity (2016) - Free Full Documentary - youtube-link

The Fallacy of Climate Activism
By Adam Sacks on Aug 24, 2009

"In the 20 years since we climate activists began our work in earnest, the state of the climate has become dramatically worse, and the change is accelerating..."

Adam Sacks: "Because of This Civilization's Obsession With Growth, Its Demise is 100% Predictable"

- youtube-link

*** VARIOUS SOURCES *********

David Orr: "Oil Eroded Our Ability to Think Intelligently"

- youtube-link

Tropical Conservation Biologist Bill Laurance: "It's Scary Built On Top of More Scary"

- youtube-link

Alice Friedemann: "It's Obvious All of Our Problems Could Be Solved If There Weren't So Many People'

- youtube-link

Peak Energy & Resources, Climate Change, and the Preservation of Knowledge


Relevant Links

Jevons - Political Economy The Library of Economics and Liberty The Theory of Political Economy by, William Stanley Jevons

"Had Mr. Mill contented himself with asserting the unquestionable truth of the Laws of Supply and Demand, I should have agreed with him. [...] but it does not therefore follow, that our conception of Value is perfect and final."

Sturlason the Heimskringla: a history of the norse kings Vol 1 Norse Kings

Online Library of Liberty - A Collection of Scholarly Works About Individual Liberty and Free Markets

Relevant Books

The Great Acceleration, An environmental History of the Anthropocene since 1945, J. R. McNeill - Peter Engelke

ISBN: 978-0-674-54503-8 - THE BELKNAP PRESS OF HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS - hup.harvard.edu - J. R. McNeill: University Professor, Georgetown University - Peter Engelke: Senior Fellow, Strategic Foresight Initiative - A BOOK CENTRAL TO ENVIRONMENT and ENERGY and Planet Earth

What is Fascism pt. 1 [Eng] - youtube-link

"A lecture at LUMS based on Richard Wolin's book "The Seduction of Unreason" on how counter-enlightenment ideas formed the basis of the fascist reaction to modernity. And how these ideas in turn laid the foundation for much of existential and post-modernist ideas."

Bear Market/Recession Signal: US & Global Auto Sales In Giant Nosedive For Over 12 Months Now! - youtube-link

China Cancels Trade Deal & Negotiations Thinking It Has More Leverage To Ask For More From Trump? - youtube-link

Meet the California Homeowners Hit Hard by the Housing Crisis - youtube-link

Dr. Marvin Herndon nuclear geophysicist about science lies!!! - youtube-link

J. Marvin Herndon wiki - link : Theories on Earth : The Composition of the inner core of Earth is Nickel Silicide.

"[...] When I discover the correct answer to a problem it is 'NONE OF THE ABOVE.'" - "This is a political thing." - "Cabron Dioxide is trapping heat from escaping to outer space." - "Particulates put into the atmosphere [...] could be trapping the heat." - "It is particulate pollution that is the problem, not CO2." - J. Marvin Herndon

Fake News and Real Journalism with Dr. Rob Williams: - youtube-link

The Filter Bubble: the algorithms learn what we like, and serve it up to us (the users).

The Computer Program: can be tweaked to offer up certain stories at the expense of other stories.

The user can expand his/her own filter bubble.

The strategy is to keep people talking past each other.

Key Voting Blocks: were micro-targeted during the 2016 Presidential Election

Bots: sock-puppets, attack/support certain ideas.

James Howard Kunstler- youtube-link

-"We may not have a 2020 Election."

*** 02-05-2020 *** James Howard KunstlerCNU 22: James Howard Kunstler & William Fulton - youtube-link

Cabin Talk This could be a little longer so get the popcorn ready. [Health Risks of Vaccines Explained] - youtube-link

When Vaccine Ingredients Cross the Blood Brain Barrier -A Formula for Disaster: Feb. 26th., 2015 - by Vaccine Choice Canada -link

Texas Travel and Leisure.com

*** 12-19-2019 ***

"A place where we can be beside ourselves while still being sane..." - to paraphrase Henry David Thoreau, is actually something many of us are looking for. Certainly cultivating the right frame of mind would help us in our quest. And, although "No man is an island." rings with great truth, still, we can visit.

While on Galveston Island seeking my own version of Walden Pond, while visiting Mod Cafe on Post Office Street, a book store was recommended that I want to share with you: Galveston BookShop - link - Unlike certain book stores where you will be literally chased out for browsing, here, you will not (be chased out.)

Soak in the sun

The sandy gulf beaches of Galveston are hard to beat, so pack up your swimsuit, hat and sunblock and head down to the water to spend some much earned time in the sun.

Head for East Beach, the largest beach in Texas renowned for its high energy beach parties, or enter a sandcastle competition or volleyball tournament at Stewarts Beach.

Texas Travel and Leisure


*** 01-09-2020 *** The Collective Unconscious (How Psychology Effects Politics) - - youtube-link

War on Sensemaking II, Daniel Schmachtenberger - - youtube-link

Henry David Thoreau

The Simplicity Collective:

- The Walden Experminet: - link

Stephen Hicks

Postmodernism Part 1

Atlas Society audio archives Atlassociety.org (The Atlas Society link) - - youtube-link - (Youtube link) - The Modernist Movement: Descartes, Locke - The Enlightenment -

"There are two reasons things fall apart." Jordan Peterson: - youtube-link:

The psychology of The Flood: - Emergent Complexity - The Dragon of Chaos - The Mesopotamian Creation Myth - Logos: World Creating Force

Jordan Peterson: Psychopathic traits, antisocial behavior & hedonism - youtube-link

Jordan Peterson: Fixing relationships - youtube-link

California is dying - youtube-link

California is Home to Some of Americas Worst Public Schools - youtube-link


Downtown Houston

There are two ways to find a good psychiatrist in Houston: 1.) Ask a friend who is seeing a psychiatrist. 2.) Click on the link to visit: TonyPhamMD.com. If your friend isn't seeing Dr. Tony Pham, then, be a friend and recommend this psychiatrist located within walking distance of the Downtown Transit Center.

I wouldn't recommend him if I weren't a friend.


*** 03-08-2020 *** They are big problems, but there are also real solutions! -> - youtube-link - Cabin Talk

*** 03-05-2020 *** Can't Lose That Last 20 Pounds No Matter What You Do? DO THIS! -> - youtube-link

*** 1-31-2020 *** How to Fix a Slow Metabolism: MUST WATCH! - - youtube-link

*** SET POINT *** obesity-action Click on the link for an article on the Obesity Action website.

******** 12 - 19 - 2019 **********

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs: Episode 1 (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories - Youtube-link

********* 12 - 20 - 2019 **********

7 Cardio Mistakes That Slow Weight Loss - Youtube-link


*** 01-05-2020 ***

HAHA How About That Impeachment? Oh Wait, Nobody Cares Youtube-link

*** 12-23-2019 *** The Truth About Impeachment - Youtube-link - Stefan Molyneux Freedomain - The Truth About Impeachment - Youtube-link

*** 01-01-2020 *** No One Left To Lie To Christopher Hitchins - Youtube-link

Language Analysis

*** 01-01-2020 *** - Inside Cornell: Analyzing the words of psychopaths Youtube-link

"Using computerized text analysis, Cornell professor of communication Jeff Hancock and colleagues at the University of British Columbia found that psychopathic criminals tend to make identifiable word choices when talking about their crimes." - as quoted from the Youtube website. Click on the Youtube-link for more!

Campaign 2020

*** 03-15-2020 *** Adam Levitin - Jan. 9th. 2020 - The Americans Joe Biden Left Behind on the Bankruptcy Bill -> -link

*** 03-13-2020 *** Let's Talk About Solidarity -> Youtube-link - Current Affairs

Samuel Miller Mcdonald -link

*** 03-12-2020 *** Democrats, You Do NOT Want To Nominate Joe Biden - > Youtube-link - Current Affairs

Democrats You Really Do Not Want To Nominate Joe Biden: -link

*** 03-11-2020 *** Krystal and Saagar react to results, Michael Moore's dire warning for Democrats -> Youtube-link The Hill

*** 03-09-2020 *** Kamala Harris Endorses Joe Biden... And He's Way Ahead for Michigan and Missouri Voting - > Youtube-link - Styxhexenhammer666

*** 03-09-2020 *** Saagar Enjeti: Joe Biden's presidency would be a dire threat to workers -> Youtube-link - The Hill

** 03-08-2020 *** Joe Biden Struggling to Keep it Together After South Carolina Victory -> Youtube-link - The Humanist Report

*** 03-08-2020 *** If Only We Had Listened To Bernie In 2000... -> Youtube-link - The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

*** 03-07-2020 *** Panel: Can Bernie stage a Michigan comeback 2.0 -> Youtube-link - The Hill

*** 03-07-2020 *** How To Talk About Biden's Obvious Slowing -> Youtube-link - The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

*** 03-07-2020 *** Bernie Ad DESTOYS Biden For Iraq War Support -> Youtube-link - Secular Talk

*** 03-06-2020 *** Bernie RIPS Biden On Trade In New Michigan Ad -> Youtube-link - Secular Talk

*** 03-05-2020 *** Joe Biden WAY Too Mentally Unequipped To Run For President -> Youtube-link The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

*** 03-05-2020 *** How Far Joe Biden Has Fallen Since 2016 -> Youtube-link - The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

*** 03-05-2020 *** The Case For Bernie Sanders, Made By Joe Biden -> Youtube-link - Secular Talk

*** 03-04-2020 *** The Empire Strikes Back On Super Tuesday & Bloomberg Drops Out -> Youtube-link - Secular Talk

*** 03-04-2020 *** Super Tuesday Results: Cenk Melts Down, Sanders Barely Cracks 50% in Vermont, Warren 3rd in MA -> Youtube-link -Styxhexenhammer666

*** 03-03-2020 *** WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON SUPER TUESDAY? -> Youtube-link - Secular Talk

*** 03-03-2020 *** BREAKING: Mayor Pete Drops Out! -> Youtube-link - Secular Talk

*** 03-03-2020 *** Buttigieg Drops Out -> Youtube-link - The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

*** 03-03-2020 *** Pete Buttigieg drops out of Democratic presidential race | FULL -> Youtube-link

*** 02-08-2020 *** Democratic Primary Poll Analysis: Bloomberg Surge Pre-Iowa, Post Iowa Polls Soon - Youtube-link

*** 01-08-2020 *** Bernie Sanders is a Relic of the 1970s and a Snake Oil Salesman - Youtube-link

Julian Castro Endorses Fellow Con Artist Elizabeth Warren- His Two Fans Rejoice Youtube-link


Semipalatinsk: The Most Nuked Place on Earth Youtube-link

Stagnant Hope: Gary, Indiana (full documentary) - Youtube-link


*** 05-07-2020 *** More Evidence Covid-19 May *NOT* Be Natural Youtube-link

*** 04-01-2020 *** HOW COVID-19 KILLS--I'm a Surgeon--And Why We Can't Save You -> Youtube-link

*** 03-29-2020 *** UK Government Says CCP Lying: 15x to 40x Infected In China Compared to Official Numbers! -> Youtube-link WallStForMainSt

*** 3-21-2020 *** The Coronavirus Home Lockdown Survival Guide: How To Stay Healthy, Sane & Solvent -> Youtube-link - Peak Prosperity

*** 03-21-2020 *** Rupert Read: "We Will Be Utterly Changed. This [the Coronavirus] Is an Inflection Point"-> Youtube-link - Collapse Chronicles

*** 3-20-2020 *** Doctor Gives 6 Reasons To Be Optimistic About Coronavirus -> Youtube-link Medlife Crisis

*** 03-10-2020 *** Keith Hayes: "There Is No Exit Plan. It Is Like a Spark in a Powderkeg." -> Youtube-link Collapse Chronicles

*** 03-19-2020 *** EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM The First Million Dead -> Youtube-link

*** 03-17-2020 *** This is The New Killer Virus That Will End Humanity -> Youtube-link

*** 02-29-2020 *** The Last Day To Prepare (Mostly) -> Youtube-link

*** CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: Steven Mosher and Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain -> Youtube-link

*** 2-27-2020 *** Coronavirus Situation Is Quickly Going From Bad To Worse. - Youtube-link

*** 2-22-2020 *** Chris Martenson China Virus is the Real Deal - Get Ready Youtube-link

*** 2-20-2020 *** The Social Upheaval Caused By The Coronavirus Is A Symptom Of The 'Fourth Turning' Youtube-link

*** 2-17-2020 *** Why-Covid-19-Demands-Our-Full-Attention -link Peak Prosperity: Youtube-link

*** 2-17-2020 *** Coronavirus Fallout: China's Economy Gets Enormous Emergency Liquidity Injections & Bailouts? Youtube-link

*** 2-07-2020 *** Coronavirus Update: 31500 Infected, Zheizang and Guangdong Each Hit 1000 - Youtube-link

*** 2-06-2020 *** Coronavirus Update: 28,000+ Cases, Over 500 Dead, HK Quarantine, Japanese Cruise Ship Youtube-link

*** 2-06-2020 *** Craig Hemke - The Fed is Monetizing the Debt Youtube-link

*** 1-30-2020 *** Coronavirus Special - Episode #19 - Youtube-link

Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.31.2020 - Youtube-link

*** 1-27-2020 *** Coronavirus Update: Spreads Before Symptoms, 2,800 Cases, 2 California Cases, 1 Arizona - Youtube-link

*** 1-26-2020 *** China's Coronavirus is Much Worse Than You Think Youtube-link

*** 1-25-2020 *** PODCAST: Everything We Know So Far About The Coronavirus Youtube-link

Literary Links

*** 03-01-2020 *** The Science - History of the Universe Vol. 1: Astronomy Youtube-link

Francis Rolt-Wheeler (1876-1960) - audiobook -> Online-Text-link

The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles (FULL Audiobook) Youtube-link

"This is Irish folklorist Padraic Colum's masterful retelling of many Greek myths, focusing on Jason and the Argonauts' quest to find the Golden Fleece. He also includes the stories of Atalanta, Heracles, Perseus, Theseus, and others. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Genre(s): Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales, Short Stories Language: English (FULL Audiobook)" - as quoted from the Youtube website.

Christopher Hitchens - On The Free Library Podcast discussing 'Hitch-22' [2010] Youtube-link